Why fashion is important for our life?

Fashion is important,this question  arises in every human being.This is 21st century , we are all know about this.Fashion and style different to each other depending on several factors, including culture and traditions what is nearby to us. Every culturFe and religion has its own style for dresses which looks apart from others. Fashion plays an important role in establishing identification, beliefs and thoughts.It can make you more creative in your everyday life. Of course you’re wondering how it could possibly improve someone’s creativity. But if you really think about it, when you are getting dressed in the morning what goes through your mind? No matter what it is it’s probably pretty creative and you most likely put some thought into it

Thinking of some people about fashion.

I know that many people may think that this is not important. That people should find other ways to be creative, like joining an art class, or getting into photography. Maybe you think that nowadays the clothing choices are just not all that great, and I agree with you in part. Or you could think that if people want to be religious then they can practice their religion just as long as they are in their own home, or a place of worship. You might think that kids shouldn’t be exposed to other cultures besides theirs. Maybe you think that you can look professional without making a big deal about it. And trust me all of these reasons are completely valid and you have the right to think this way. But in this case the pros outnumber the cons.


Fashion is important because it can make you more creative, it is important in culture and religion, and it makes you look and feel more professional. There are many reasons why this is a completely valid point. I have shown you many facts, and explain it all. Let’s face it, regardless of your doubts it is important.

dashing shirts.

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